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Ordinary acupuncture focuses on pressure points. In contrast, Neuro-Acupuncture is a technique especially for treating nervous system disorders. 10 to 20 needles are inserted painlessly and accurately at the affected nerve endings and serve to stimulate the nervous system and energize the neuro-chemical system. For many common disorders such as headache, neck pain, and digestion problems, the result is a greater and more sustained relief than is possible with ordinary acupuncture.

Some of the conditions where this is especially valuable are:

•Neck Pain
•Digestion problems
•Post- stroke rehabilitation
•Trigeminal neuralgia
•Bell's paralysis
•Multiple Sclerosis
•Guillain-Barre syndrome
•Most neuropathies


Treatment Plans

Free Initial Consultation:The free initial consultation introduces the patient to the procedures of acupuncture and its application to the health goal's of the patient.  The initial consultation will determine how the patient can benefit from a treatment and what the best treatment plan is.

Medical Exam:A full examination of the patient is performed in order to determine the appropriate course of treatment. The medical exam includes physical examination; stress test; orthopedic test; muscle test ;neurological test; chiropractic tests; posture test; urine test. sEMG, AcuGraph. The tests will determine the treatment plan.

Initial Treatment Course: Patients who are trying acupuncture for the first tine are recommended to commit to 10 consecutive treatments to adequately address and realize the benefits of acupuncture for the individual. After the 10 treatments, the patient will have a re-examination to re-assess the condition, identify improvements and depth of healing, and to determine the frequency and type of treatment needed to achieve their health goals.

Tailored Treatment Plans:Acute Care, Maintenance Care, Wellness Care and Preventative Care Plans are available. Customized treatment plans include acupuncture, massage, meditation, tai chi, EFT workshops, and drug-free treatments emphasizing holistic approaches to better health and well being.


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